Ethernet Crimper (4P,6P,8P)

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    Ethernet tool, 4/6 / 8P, RJ45 / RJ14 / RJ12 / RJ9, for crimping nozzles Deli Tools EDL2468. Deli Tools EDL2468 is an indispensable tool for every installer working with telecommunications networks on a daily basis. The tool allows you to securely compress RJ45 plugs. Thanks to this device, you can compress the ends of cables of any length yourself. This practical tool is perfect for modular connectors: 8p (RJ-45 - 8P8C), 6p (RJ-14-6P4C and RJ-12 - 6P6C) and 4p (RJ-9 - 4P4C). The simplicity and versatility of the product allows us to meet the expectations of amateurs, professional installers and even professionals. The crimping tool is also used to cut and remove insulation from network cables.

    EDL2468 model
    Weight 420 g
    Color yellow

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