Ethernet Crimper 8P

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    Deli Tools Ethernet Crimper EDL381008
    Deli Tools EDL381008 Ethernet crimper will find use in the home workshop or server room, and will also be useful for installers who deal with ICT and telecommunications networks. They are made of high-grade steel and provide unparalleled comfort in use. The product allows not only to crimp connectors, but also to strip insulation and cut wires. It will be perfect for 8P terminals.

    Carefully considered design
    High-quality cold-rolled steel was used to make the product. This makes it extremely durable and resistant to damage, rusting and wear. The SK5 steel blade allows for fast yet precise cutting. The handle of the pliers was created from excellent quality PVC plastic, which makes it pleasant to the touch and fits perfectly in the hand. At the same time, it guarantees a firm grip and is non-slip. So you can work as long as you need without fear of discomfort.

    Deli Tools multifunctional pliers are perfect for a variety of applications. With their help you can crimp Ethernet connectors, strip insulation from network cables, as well as cut wires. This means that they will find use in the home workshop, in the server room, when working on monitoring, as well as during renovation, among other things. This is an ideal tool for both amateur DIYers and demanding professionals.

    Brand Deli Tools
    Model EDL381008
    Size 205mm
    Suitable for 8P
    Material Cold rolled steel, SK5 steel, PVC
    Color Yellow
    Application Crimping connectors, cutting and stripping insulation from network cables, telephone cables, etc.

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